Concentration camps Labor campsInternment camps Re-education campsGulag Prison campResidential school They always have a new more palatable name But the horrors are always the same Innocence buried in unmarked graves Missing and Murdered in erasures name Indigenous genocide as settlers laid claim Manifest Destiny becomes National shame 215 and millions more were slain As lane … Continue reading 215


The apocalypse came as a rash and blister Nations mourned elders, brothers, and sisters And yet we remained The hostiles came next taking everything War until treaty or learned the whips sting And yet we remained Deception was the next tool of torment Broken treaties, unceded land, disarmament And yet we remained Concentration camps and … Continue reading Remnant


Red hand printsWeeping sons and stolen sisters Vanished like spoken whispers Trafficked to unknown And red hand prints Police reports filed under apathy Old photographs loving memory Lost souls in bereavement And red hand prints New reports devoid of revelation Police systems avoided reformation Congress legislates in apathy And red hand prints Children without mothers … Continue reading MMIW

The Wolf and Sheep

A wolf does not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep Fangs and claws have fermented it’s blood lustIts peers surround it and congratulate carnage Death’s messenger in the forest Producing progeny to propagate butchery Fending off competition Defying death with each days battle It’s grit endures ever onward And yet behold the sheep Wool … Continue reading The Wolf and Sheep

Patient Explanations #4

Trigger warning: This poem contains material related to auditory hallucinations and elements of schizophrenia. Reader discretion is advised.My quiet moments are never silent There is always a chorus in the background Each voice whispering conspiracy Turning my loved ones into tyranny I hear them say “am I okay?”But violence is what I hear them say … Continue reading Patient Explanations #4