Crazy Horse Crew

Urban Native Crazy Horse Crew War horse skate decks and drop thrus Custer Patrolling with lights and badges Skate Park hostiles caught skipping classes Priorities always Earth, People, and skating And hitting the surf when the suns blazing Long braids flowing good medicine rolling Smudge stick smoking Rez stare showing Hit the skate shop grab … Continue reading Crazy Horse Crew

Urban Native Reclamation

Urban native reclamation Working on reversing assimilation Powwow drums to the reservations Rhythm for the rising of the nations Council fires rekindle our salvation Resistance against treaty violation Urban native Reclamation Ancestors guiding decolonization Youth leading language revitalization Intertribal advocacy organizations Creating hope for native reclamation Land back movement growing collaboration Urban Native ReclamationNative artists … Continue reading Urban Native Reclamation

Last Line

In my book I have chapters unwritten Foreshadowing not yet deliveredThere are chapters I’ve written Some pages I have reread Until the ink has faded completely Creasing the spine as a permanent BookmarkChapters that have remained unread Since they were first written There is dialogue I wish to un-penAnd words I have highlighted Becoming recurring … Continue reading Last Line


We were born in the dirtWalked upon it Comforted by its stability Then we began to mine it Digging with our hands Lower and lower our feet reached Standing on clay and mineral Taking gold, cobalt, oil with steel cleats We built towers on the land Tunneling beneath the city Extracting diamond and copper Making … Continue reading 2050

Patient Explanations #8

I avoid eye contact and hunch my spine Repeating over-rehearsed lines Key phrases and carefully chosen replies Each one tested in thousands of imagined conversations Even my vulnerability is poll tested for adaptation Always outside my body in conversation I’m not sure my mask is detachable A back up plan for the inescapable Always apologize … Continue reading Patient Explanations #8

Save the Indian

“Kill the Indian, save the man”Forced into schools for assimilation Genocide committed on unceded land Children held hostage by “god’s” nationBrick by brick they built the schools One by one they buried child natives Schools became Custer’s lasting tool Education keeping the “s*vages” placated Hostages meant to keep the warriors calm No war rises when … Continue reading Save the Indian