Patient explanations #2

Trigger warning: this poem contains material related to substance abuse. Reader discretion is advised. I know better I hate it with all I have But on day four I’m walking my dealer’s path Confused when I’m sober Wondering what went wrong Hating yourself Sacred; wondering if I will love long Flirting with it While trying … Continue reading Patient explanations #2

Patient Explanation #1

This is the first in a series of poems called “patient explanations.” In my professional career I work in psychiatric facilities caring for patients. This series contains the things I learned about life and mental health from those I serve. Follow my blog so you don’t miss new poems every Tuesday. Trigger Warning: this poem … Continue reading Patient Explanation #1


We all have a box that’s ours Cardboard, hotel room, apartment, house, or car Four walls that we call home Some last for minutes some all we have known A space that belongs to us Shaded in with personality and it’s glorious Taking possession of desolation Just to remix and remake it in our own … Continue reading Dwell


“Please check your DMs.” Always the comments “I’m an influencer.” Purchased followers if your honest Selling a fake following making money off desperation Artists with a unique voice give into temptation “Book review and promotion” just a few bucks more As you leech off their cultivated creative stores I’ve wanted the big accounts to feature … Continue reading Leech