To my Followers

Hey all,

I have not been posting on here much and I want to explain why. I realized a couple months ago I was putting in a good bit of effort into this blog but not getting a lot of traction out of it. I have some very faithful followers but that audience is quite small. I have other platforms where I have experienced a bit more success. My time and resources are limited and I want to focus them where I will get the most feedback.

To that end I will taking down the blog in about a week. If you are still interested in follow my poetry you can follow me on Instagram @hiddenbearpoetry.

Additionally, I have an account where I post some graphic designs and I have a small clothing line. You can check that out on Instagram as well @shredandsmudge.

I appreciate all the support and positive feedback I have received on this blog. I am especially grateful for discovering Raw Earth Ink who helped me publish my first book.

Thank you all again for your support and I hope to see you all on Instagram!



2 thoughts on “To my Followers

  1. I completely understand. Surprisingly, readership seems to have all but disappeared in this last two years I’ve noticed. I thought that people would be reading more but it seems they’re tik-tok’ing more or something. Regardless, I’m loving the work you’re sharing on IG.

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