Urban Native Reclamation

Urban native reclamation 
Working on reversing assimilation
Powwow drums to the reservations
Rhythm for the rising of the nations
Council fires rekindle our salvation
Resistance against treaty violation

Urban native Reclamation
Ancestors guiding decolonization
Youth leading language revitalization
Intertribal advocacy organizations
Creating hope for native reclamation
Land back movement growing collaboration

Urban Native Reclamation
Native artists on the radio station
Indigenous TikTok public education
Ally’s rallying for self-determination
As First Nations create revitalization
Habitat and wildlife consecration

Urban Native Reclamation
Water protectors fighting exploitation
Creating the time of seven generations
Marching in the streets for liberation
Native victory our manifestation
Looking to the old chiefs for motivation

Urban Native Reclamation
Indigenous future in our imagination
Post genocide and post occupation
Peaceful people at peace with creation
Community care and community medication
Looking to each other for inspiration
Urban Native Reclamation

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