Last Line

In my book 
I have chapters unwritten
Foreshadowing not yet delivered
There are chapters I’ve written
Some pages I have reread
Until the ink has faded completely
Creasing the spine as a permanent
Chapters that have remained unread
Since they were first written
There is dialogue I wish to un-pen
And words I have highlighted
Becoming recurring themes
Repeated in my thoughts
Characters I’ve lost on the way
And I will mourn them to the last
New characters are introduced
And I read with excitement
Our adventures
Each chapter holds a piece of me
Some won’t survive the whole book
Others will remain to the last page
Some days I wish I could cheat
And read a few chapters ahead
To know where the author is leading
Or at least be able to write
Some of the story
Have some consultation rights
Or give me a chance to write
The Last Chapter
I’d even be willing to settle
For the last line of my book
Would you grant me that?
To pen the finality of my life?
The author never answers
But in case they read this
I would write
“He died peacefully after remarking,
‘I loved every chapter. But the one where we met
is my favorite’”

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