It’s all chaff in the end isn’t it?
Blown away by the wind or burnt to ash
A lifetime of choices and consequences
Resulting in grief and leftover cash

It all seemed so dark to me when we met
and now I hold onto more than your hand
I clasp my sanity; my anchor in the deep
The wind and fire I can finally withstand

Pain and the fires knock each day
And we are busy dancing in the kitchen
Cooking fry bread and cherry pie
And life’s grief is never once mentioned

Though we do often speak of sadness
We never speak of loneliness
For we are forever cured of that condition
Together we cherish our wholeness

It will all eventually dwindle in the dark
The light will collapse with no matter at all
Every star will burn out of the sky
No on will be at the end to mourn its fall

When that oblivion reaches our door
We will greet it and offer it tea
Because neither death nor life
Could ever separate you and me

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