Save the Indian

“Kill the Indian, save the man”
Forced into schools for assimilation
Genocide committed on unceded land
Children held hostage by “god’s” nation

Brick by brick they built the schools
One by one they buried child natives
Schools became Custer’s lasting tool
Education keeping the “s*vages” placated

Hostages meant to keep the warriors calm
No war rises when you kidnap their kids
Clergy murdering to the sound of hummed psalms
Using mass graves to cover the cassock’s sins

They killed the Indian on their stolen land
Wiped out whole languages, national, and futures
Teaching about forgiveness with blood on their hands
Infanticide by “loving” churches and preachers

Tell the story over and over on repeat
Until it’s land back under indigenous feet
Until the governments confess and repent
Save the Indian, save the planet!

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