I suppose

It’s raining. I know what that means 
I’ll relive everything that happened to me
I’ll be sad
Life will replay in nightmares and dreams 
Depression will sink in and cripple me 
Wrapped in a blanket I escape to sleep 
And dream of being free 
The sun will rise even as I weep 
It’s okay to have sad minutes, sad hours, sad days and sad weeks 
Joy and sad come and go in minutes, hours, days, and weeks 
I take time to absorb them each 
I let the sad flow until I’m free 
Because sad is part of complete 

It’s sunny I know what to do 
Grab some coffee, notebook and hiking shoes 
I’ll be joyous 
Hunting the trails for artistic clues 
Letting nature create through subliminal cues 
Flashes of Nostalgia as childhood re-blooms 
And I smile in joyous hues 
Taking joy without the fear riddled news 
Spending happily my minutes, hours, days, and weeks 
Letting the sad of yesterday wash from my cheeks 
And capture this moment on paper sheets 
As creativity fills my minutes, hours, days, and weeks 
Slowly breathe deep the air from mountain peaks 
A bit of beauty for my pen to speak 
Because joy is part of complete

Life is dark and good on the right side of hope 
After all this time I can live with that I suppose. 

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