Save the Indian

“Kill the Indian, save the man”Forced into schools for assimilation Genocide committed on unceded land Children held hostage by “god’s” nationBrick by brick they built the schools One by one they buried child natives Schools became Custer’s lasting tool Education keeping the “s*vages” placated Hostages meant to keep the warriors calm No war rises when … Continue reading Save the Indian

Patient Explanations #7

I admit I’m an addict My drug of habit Is sadness Melancholy outlook Dark theme sketchbooks Slow ballad hooks Heavy blankets on thin sheets Headphones and lo-fi beats And cold feet It’s all familiar to me As brokenness fills the seams I smile as the void greets me “Have you relapsed? Are you ok?”And I … Continue reading Patient Explanations #7


Concentration camps Labor campsInternment camps Re-education campsGulag Prison campResidential school They always have a new more palatable name But the horrors are always the same Innocence buried in unmarked graves Missing and Murdered in erasures name Indigenous genocide as settlers laid claim Manifest Destiny becomes National shame 215 and millions more were slain As lane … Continue reading 215