The apocalypse came as a rash and blister 
Nations mourned elders, brothers, and sisters
And yet we remained

The hostiles came next taking everything
War until treaty or learned the whips sting
And yet we remained

Deception was the next tool of torment
Broken treaties, unceded land, disarmament
And yet we remained

Concentration camps and residential schools came next
The missionary came in peace with abuse and neglect
And yet we remained

Termination used to complete assimilation
After centuries of abuse and forced displacement
And yet we remained

History books write us out of the story
As though we all died but in memory
And yet we remained

And now pipelines poison water and violate borders
Existence is resistance and we fight for the waters
We still remain

Generations fought to preserve us a legacy
In our ancestors honor we fight colonized tyranny
And we remain


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