The Wolf and Sheep

A wolf does not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep Fangs and claws have fermented it’s blood lustIts peers surround it and congratulate carnage Death’s messenger in the forest Producing progeny to propagate butchery Fending off competition Defying death with each days battle It’s grit endures ever onward And yet behold the sheep Wool … Continue reading The Wolf and Sheep

Patient Explanations #4

Trigger warning: This poem contains material related to auditory hallucinations and elements of schizophrenia. Reader discretion is advised.My quiet moments are never silent There is always a chorus in the background Each voice whispering conspiracy Turning my loved ones into tyranny I hear them say “am I okay?”But violence is what I hear them say … Continue reading Patient Explanations #4

Excerpt from ‘Matriarch’

“Our mother matriarch Her skin awash in panoramic tattoos Ocean births new life with each wave She surrenders to contractions of the moon Her courage enduring suffering and decay Her dead children fueling new life Scars and blemishes tell of motherhood For life and death she is pastor and midwife” You can find the rest … Continue reading Excerpt from ‘Matriarch’

Patient Explanations #3

Trigger warning: this poem contains material related to panic attacks. Reader discretion is advised. Today started with the window open The breeze was cool and calming I could lean against the glass Despite everything I was coping Then suddenly I was torn from itThe window moved a few miles away The breeze was gone taking … Continue reading Patient Explanations #3

Patient Explanations #2

Trigger warning: this poem contains material related to substance abuse. Reader discretion is advised. I know better I hate it with all I have But on day four I’m walking my dealer’s path Confused when I’m sober Wondering what went wrong Hating yourself Sacred; wondering if I will love long Flirting with it While trying … Continue reading Patient Explanations #2

Patient Explanations #1

This is the first in a series of poems called “patient explanations.” In my professional career I work in psychiatric facilities caring for patients. This series contains the things I learned about life and mental health from those I serve. Follow my blog so you don’t miss new poems every Tuesday. Trigger Warning: this poem … Continue reading Patient Explanations #1