Her birthday

I paused looking at her yesterday 
She isn’t the woman I began to date
Luminous beams of joy radiate as she holds her children
Her arms exhausted from tender hugs to comfort them
She looks tenderly to her family
And violently at forces of calamity
She rises in the morning sips her coffee
And gives medicine to us selflessly
She teaches, corrects and guides with each breath
All while balancing work with little time to rest
Time has transformed her before my eyes
Beauty enriched as time made her more wise
She grows more complete each year
Lending love, wisdom, and attentive listening ears
Protective, brave and the center of my passion
Completing us both; filling our lives with satisfaction
Her roots grow deep and her branches cast a cooling shade
Shielding us all in her protective, loving embrace
She is a mother
She is a wife
She is a badass woman
And all I wanted out of life

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