Red Hawk Warriors

We rose 
Our wings spread protective over the land
Rising against rubber bullets and tear gas cans
Spirits resilient unified in our stand
No more snakes no more extractive plans
Protecting the earth we rose
A red hawk with talons pose
To protect what cannot be restored
Made whole or bought in a store
Sharpened our claws on treaty breaks
Nations United against black snakes
Resounding echos of the hawk screeching
We grew in resolve as the state was overreaching
We rose in resistance to honor the old fighters
The war chiefs and residential school survivors
Peaceful militant red hawks fighting colonizers
We soar with ancient eyes on youthful wings
Pushing down the old pain as it stings
Knowing our responsibility as warrior protectors
Talons distended as red hawk dissenters
We rise to steward the land from abusers
Indigenous voices rebuking unchecked consumers
Extracting, subtracting, blasting, taxing, and fracking
In the name of profits married to political bad faith acting
We rose, a red hawk whose wings shadow the cityscape
Warriors resilient against water canons and pepper spray
The profit margins bled and the pipelines died
We stood victorious in red hawk pride
The invaders will come again without question
Red Hawk Warriors will rise again in earth’s protection

One thought on “Red Hawk Warriors

  1. Oh wow! Great piece, Hidden Bear. I love the powerful beat. I was reading yesterday about some of the atrocities “the queen” has done in Canada and it just makes my blood boil. I speak life and power into the people of the land.

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