We all have a box that’s ours Cardboard, hotel room, apartment, house, or car Four walls that we call home Some last for minutes some all we have known A space that belongs to us Shaded in with personality and it’s glorious Taking possession of desolation Just to remix and remake it in our own … Continue reading Dwell


“Please check your DMs.” Always the comments “I’m an influencer.” Purchased followers if your honest Selling a fake following making money off desperation Artists with a unique voice give into temptation “Book review and promotion” just a few bucks more As you leech off their cultivated creative stores I’ve wanted the big accounts to feature … Continue reading Leech


Was it wisdom they offered? Was it hope?Was is belonging? Was it validation? Was it an idol they offered? The promise is always fulfillment Until your utility is insufficient Then distance and they turn silent Blaming you for lost alignment If the offer is identity not information You will be sacrificed for their coronation

Sonnet #7

Whitewashed history breeds nationalism Teaching us to love manifest destiny Promoting power hungry hedonism Privilege preventing true equity “Don’t tread on me” as I tread on others Ignoring centuries of our history America’s crimes don’t make you shutter Worshipping the American liturgy We resist acknowledging the nation’s transgressions Unconfessed, as we preach our exceptionalism


Bullets never return to the barrelWords can only echo in eardrums Pain can be relieved but not forgotten Explosives detonated cannot be repackaged Wholeness is lost to consequences Broken hearts remember why it built fences Take tender care with our glass hearts Once broken you cannot fully reassemble the parts