The bedside light glows in soft amber 
Cascading her silhouette in stage light
She wears a knowing smirk as she teases my eye
Standing just out of my reach barely wrapped in lace
Every detail of her body is familiar following years together
Like the lyrics to your favorite song
And yet, every night is a first time listening
Bending, posing in seductive patterns with passion in her eyes
I realize all the world’s beauty is her in front of me
Trembling with excitement as she guides my hands to her figure
Lace and skin filling my hands with elegance
My hands graze the oceanic waves marks on her delicate skin
Ripples of our passion igniting new life
My hands range across familiar skin
Re-mapping my most desired bride with delight
In awe my eyes and hands tremble at her image

She lays beside me tight curls cascading across her pillow
One of a billion kisses but each one as inspiring as the first
And now I kneel at the throne of my personal goddess
At her altar I speak in tongues
Her legs flex, shake as she moans commandments
I speak in new angles, vibrations, and shapes
Her breath is suddenly sharp and shallow
The sheets are strangled at once by her hands
As last I confirm she knows my love again
The moment lingers here, cuddled tightly, time begins to blur
Her lips find mine in waves of forever joy
She pulls close as we find that deep connection
As our passion and rhythm play our wedding song
Our fingers locking as we lose grip on reality
Lost in each other’s eyes we seek only to remain together
Movement and the amber light rises like a creating sun
Surveying, I see scratch marks and hand prints testifying
Her hips gripped tightly as she is all I hold onto in life
All at once twilight comes for us both
Breath-less, timeless, and lost we cling to each other
Our eyes lock and we smile
One of a thousand nights
And not one would I trade

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