Privilege is editing history so it reflects victory 
 Instead of villainy to your progeny 
 Come along with me and see propagandized history 
 Marvel at its inconsistency and its dismissing spree 
 Cast aside the victim and the hero’s consequence with them 
 Power creating each system enslaving man for his own freedom 
 Painting colorful hues generously paying minimum hues 
 Oppression through privileged worldview makes villains of the victims subdued
 Justifying horrific domination claiming righteous indignation 
 Building god’s sovereign nation; Stolen people, stolen land, stolen station
 All while making proclamation, “I am power and the world’s salvation!”
 Looking at the story you cannot ignore me 
 History speaks categorically of a nation bloodied and gory 
 But that can’t stand no truth for the crimes at my hands 
 Change the words that’s the plan bury the truth of how it began 
 A nation built of ash can never be truly vast 
 Only honesty not cash only truth makes us free at last 

 Wilmington Insurrection of 1898
 Atlanta Race Riot of 1906 
 Rose Wood Massacre 1919 
 The Summer of 1919 
 Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 
 Zoot Suit Riots of 1943 
 Birmingham riot of 1963 
 Willie Earle 
 Lynn council
 Isadore Banks 
 Emmett Till 
 Mack Charles Parker 
 James Chaney 
 Frank Morries 
 Willie Turks 
 Michael Griffith 
 Yusef Hawkins 
 James Byrd Jr. 
 Rayshard Brooks 
 Daniel Prude 
 Rodney King 
 Ahmaud Arbery
 George Floyd 
 Breonna Taylor 
 Atatiana Jefferson 
 Aura Rosser 
 Stephon Clark 
 Botham Jean 
 Philando Castille 
 Alton Sterling 
 Michelle Cusseaux
 Freddie Gray 
 Eric Garner 
 Akai Gurley 
 Gabriella Nevarez
 Tamir Rice
 Michael Brown 
 Tanisha Anderson 

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