Lonely is an open wound It never bleeds, never gets infected And on its own never heals It’s an invisible hole in your chest Exposing your heart to the worlds arctic air Cold burns your heart so you wear protection Headphones at the storePhone screens at parties Longer routes to avoid co-workers Read text messages … Continue reading Lonely

Creativity and Extraction

I love writing poetry. It’s why this blog, my Instagram exist. Because every aspect of creating new work and presenting it for others to enjoy beings me fulfillment. This creates challenges for me as an indigenous person. The long history of colonialism and capitalism in the United States limits a creative person’s avenue for sharing … Continue reading Creativity and Extraction

Sonnet #5

Protractors, backpacks, markers, paper, glue Pencils and pens ranging from reds to violets  Make sure you have good sturdy shoes too  Oh, and a Kevlar vest in case of hallway violence “Resource” officers patrolling locker lined hallways  Arresting children and facilitating bully disarmament   Normalizing terror; learning run hide fight at a tender age Drills for … Continue reading Sonnet #5

Sonnet #4

Podiums are pounded with growing routine Cries of “stagnation!” And calls for “transformations!”But the payoff for you and me is never seen Unfulfilled promises of injustice to have restoration Clamoring for power the parties rage Rhetoric is filled with vitriol for the other Hoping their name is draped across the stage No consequences for power … Continue reading Sonnet #4


Twisted by copper wiring spreading inside of me Converting, mutating, and running electric lighting A bulge of wires where my heart transpired My spirit abandoned; replaced or rather retired The world’s scarring Sears, re-packaging my years Ground into parts thoroughly processed in the gears Each organic layer processed without care Fully mechanized and my full … Continue reading Wires


Strained Soul screeching Sanity soaked sour Safety so scarcely seen Sight shows suffering Stretching skeletal Sickness Searching Silence serenadingSacredly supplied sanity Solitude slowly serving safety Succinctly softening stress Soul settling Salvation