Maybe I really just want attention
Book tours and readings across the nation
Adoring fans interpreting my words
Applause filled rooms and fans by the herds
Simon and Schuster publishing contracts
Volumes of acclaimed books with money stacks
Maybe even a reading on the tonight show
The audience moved to emotion in their rows
Academics analyzing my structures and themes
My life biographed and published in art history
Book signings and fans in shock to meet me
Maybe sell some rights to a media monopoly
My philosophy analyzed on YouTube
Buy a cabin in the mountains to move to

Have a marketer twist my art to wring out money
Attention addiction consuming my poetry
From a cheap Bic pen to a high priced quill
My soul hollowed out as my pockets fill
Search engine optimization for my website
Small sums to boost posts to new eyes
Increase interaction on my Instagram
But does it carve away who I am?
Checking my sites a thousand times a day
Busking my poetic voice, I do have bills to pay
Any new followers, mentions, or likes?
Each bit of attention demanding marketing re-writes

I want my words to reach a million ears
To sell a book, get attention, or bring you to tears
My message has mass production but remains hand-made
My words belong to me no matter how much is paid

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