Observe, horror fills our screens as hashtags and livestreams
Opinions lay heavy burdens on us noisy shouting and mistrust
Unfiltered, we cannot un-see, enemies made of friends and family
Justice everyone’s rallying cry, each of us taking sides
Justice for Me is a crime You see
A crime for Me is justice You see
And we each raise a righteous fist both chained at the wrist
I hold in my hand a key, for you and you have one for me
I take a picture of your key post it hashtag enemy
You post the same scene and then I wonder if it’s me?
I try to unlock your chain peace by way of my shame
The chains are yours after all, and somehow for peace you call
You throw your key away posting hashtag peace is no way
I remind you the chains are yours, you say “I do not recall anymore”
We argue on message boards, internet cold civil war
I scroll and refresh all day reading what everyone has to say
Overwhelmed from comments’ eternal burned up in the inferno
I check to see what’s trending it’s brokenness without mending

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