Sonnet #2

It’s Mellifluous voice lulls me to sleep again  Chains of woven threads weigh me down  From family, friendship and joy I abstain  Locked in my bedroom despair is found  My lowest depths project out irrational agony  Yearning for a solution to my listlessness  Isolation's fantasies reach out to me  Heed the seductive whisper of ceaselessness  … Continue reading Sonnet #2


It’s what carries us; that’s all Starting the day with a mirror assisted carving knife Each part of me subject to an imaginary slice My landscape surveyed by a perfectionist eye And I behold my un-photoshopped body with a sigh Pleading for a transformation before sleep each night It’s what carries us; that’s allIt’s what … Continue reading Carrier

Sonnet #1

The gates of hell open with Face IDLoaded down with every app Soaking up time in totality Echoing pages attention wrapt Scrolls of alerts and notifications Attention splinters at the sound Outrage at news of downtrodden station Opposite voice in my neighbor enemies found Each app clamors for power Turning struggle into hashtag slogans Our … Continue reading Sonnet #1


Maybe I really just want attentionBook tours and readings across the nation Adoring fans interpreting my words Applause filled rooms and fans by the herds Simon and Schuster publishing contractsVolumes of acclaimed books with money stacks Maybe even a reading on the tonight show The audience moved to emotion in their rows Academics analyzing my … Continue reading Attention


Labels carry pre-fabricated outlinesArtificially created identity designsMaking humans into plastic moldsTo be judged, valued, and disposed Labels strip away our names Leaving mannequins in our place Labels can be ignored for a time But never banished from our mind I carry each label I’ve heard Wishing to know myself beyond those words What if I … Continue reading Label