Every New Years people make promises to themselves by setting weight loss goals, financial goals, and personal milestones to reach. While I think this can be healthy it is often rooted in insecurity. The idea that if these goals are reached I will become a more complete or better person. A desire to be perceived by oneself or others as more valuable than before reaching these outward markers. 
Our culture’s focus on high productivity reveals a central tenant of colonialism: extraction.
How can I extract as much value out of myself and my life? And we typically try to answer this question with New Years resolutions. I would instead pose a new question. How can you see your full value without having to accomplish an outward goal? Only then will you be content. There is always another goal or another milestone you can give yourself but your value as a person will remain unchanged.

Because you have always mattered, always been important, and always been beautiful.

I wish you all a hopeful new year. May the Creator bless you in 2021 and the years to come!

New resolution
To change, but my value
Remains unchanged

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