Merry and Bright

 Cleared out floor space for playing with grandchildren 
 Lazy boy rocking chairs and afternoon naps 
 Going out to eat too much 
 Baby cries and kids playing at the park 
 Talking about a thousand topics and nothing at all 
 Interrupting someone and cross room talk clattering 
  A Merry and Bright Holiday  
 Everything seems wild and suddenly calm 
 Long winded good byes and “see you next time” 
 Plans made to fill tomorrow’s hours 
 Coordinating travel and cooking times
 Re-connecting ancient relationships 
 Showing that time has made changes 
 A merry and bright Holiday  

 Old wounds itch once again 
 Feeling an earlier version bleeding through 
 Sometimes sacred and sometimes scarring 
 The shelter and harbor for an aching spirit
 Or the fire consuming you
 Glancing at an empty chair at the table 
 A small object containing a ghost cripples you 
 A merry and bright Holiday 

 Haunting Christmas lights flash memory 
 Disruption and chaos crushing the season’s merry 
 A person you never call any more 
 A time to feel the depth of your lonesomeness 
 A dark cloud rests upon you humming “I’ll be home for Christmas.” 
 A merry and bright Holiday  
 Hot cocoa and matching pajama sets 
 Michael Buble Christmas specials on TV 
 Gift wrapping classes or giving up and putting it in a bag 
 Buying yourself the present you never got 
 Romantic comedies and peppermint coffee 
 A merry and bright Holiday  

 Family draped on like a dark cloak or a warm blanket 
 A fire burning our skin to blisters or warming our hearts 
 Either way the return is heavy like ripe fruit 
 Bending us back to ourselves 

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