Together or not at all

She smiled at me with one eyebrow raised 
Before our first kiss and on our wedding day 
She smiles if I just glance at her too long 
She rolls her eyes at my made up songs 
She held my hand walking the midnight streets 
Late night picnics with hot chocolate drinks 
Stars gleaming and shooting through the night 
And calming me when my anxiety takes flight 
She challenged me to grow and buy clothes that fit 
She encourages me when my confidence has quit 
Always made time for us to be together 
Shivering walking to the store in snowy weather 
When life got hard and the money wouldn't make it 
We drew close to each other dreaming of future places 
She cried when the test said it was positive 
I panicked wondering how'd we financially make it 
She whispered "together or not at all" 
And that's when the tears always fall
downsized apartments and grew a family 
Growing from a couple to become three 
Tired, sleepy, and hair in a bun asleep 
Her beauty had reached its peak 
New life, my first-born son asleep in the corner 
wrapped up in a blanket to keep him warmer 
And there I thought I was as far in love I could fall 
And our vows returned home "together or not at all" 
When the baby cried reaching out for us each 
the words echoed and we worked as a team 
Life grew steady for a time until that day 
When a man like my brother passed away 
I wept not knowing if I could recover at all 
With tear-filled eyes she said "together or not at all" 
We held hands and faced our grief together 
Life moves on but our hearts always remember 
life was painful and we longed again for peace 
And a second positive test brought hope through the grief 
My second son arriving to bring blessing and life 
As she transformed into a warrior from wife 
Life-giver, mother, lover and a powerful matriarch 
Leaving her love on our family like a water mark 
At night I take stock of my blessing 
my bride, my sons, all peacefully resting 
Some men want to rule the world, conquering it all 
I'm just grateful for my bride who said together or not all 

Happy anniversary my love! 
I look forward to the rest of eternity! 
Together or not at all! 

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