If God had Spotify

Headphones in 
Track 1 
A billion hearts on six continents 
Speaking forty languages 
All in sync 
Track 2 
A mockingbird replicating a garbage truck 
Track 3 
A single mom at her table 
Counting the days to a paycheck 
Track 4
The sounds of sowing machines 
And the cries of the child workers 
Their sorrow has reverb 
Track 5 
A little boy practicing soccer 
The bounce of the T-shirt ball 
Isn't quite right 
But his form is 
Track 6
Millions of us all at once 
Grief echoing into empty space 
Track 7 
A rich man calling his accountant 
A poor man counting his change 
Happy melody, sad lyrics 
Track 8 
Whale sounds 
But that's for sleeping 
Track 9 
A low white noise 
Created by the silence 
Of seven billion lonely hearts 
Track 10 
Joy in High definition audio 
When all at once 
Humanities lonely cry 
Was heard. 

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