Have you really healed? 
Or simply learned the strength to carry your pain well 
Has the burden become a blemish on your heart 
Have you just applied cover up 
Has silence becomes a place of comfort 
Has the trauma truly left you 
Healing is more than still breathing 
It leaves you whole again 
Brandishing scars but whole 
Is your identity frozen in that moment 
Anchoring you to a past self you can't be free from 
Have you healed?
When people ask you "how are you?" do you tell them 
Do you weep on your drive home 
Does the melody of your soul sound melancholy 
but sing sweetly from your lips 
Have you healed? 
Do you mark the days, months, and years since that day 
Has every moment become a new anniversary 
Has brokenness become a cloak around your personality 
Is it possible pain has been twisted into a new body part
is breathing exhausting
Have the nightmares started again or perhaps they never stopped 
Do the echoes of memories haunt your daily life 
The sounds of tragedy playing your eardrums
Have you healed? 

I only ask because 
I believe you can be whole again
If you will but endure the suffering 
Of healing 

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