As a child I checked out joke books from the library I noticed the popular kids made other laugh I thought I could learn to do the same Eventually I did Later someone gossiped about a person I admired They said their opinions were too strong Suddenly I was emptied of my opinions As a … Continue reading Be


Statues Monuments Plaques Signs City Holiday For what purpose? To inspire? To remember? To cement a lie? For propaganda? For supremacy? And yet no memories for the victims His name remembered and gilded Every Taino name is forgotten History taught from exceptional dementia


Pain leaving time bereft of its momentum Every nerve crying out despair Mind locked in denial of this moment Desperately seeking out care Knee's buckling and breathing inadequate Absence slowly pulverizing the future Time locking in place; unwavering As truth pours down leaving fracture Blood pumping as your stomach butterflies Life's framing rot beneath your … Continue reading Loss