Grasping free time by anxious hand 
Stretched and worked into thin strands
One by one I attached each line to variable
Tethered life with line nonpliable
Securing politics, finance, and physics
Lashing them to my planet’s orbit

Creating a world in my own image
Organized and without blemish
I made life for my new masterpiece
Puppets lived ordered with peace

Halfway through my script; tragedy
Eyes widened as strings snap suddenly
The puppets move and take up arms to fight
Weeping I behold my creations terrible might
I reached into the future for more string
Futility, as puppets war stings
The story ran on its own without me
Weighing down peace with gravity

No matter how much strong I made
The results were the same
I braided the strands into thick rope
Nevertheless the ropes always broke

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