Two Truths

One“You have memories of a ghost Selfish and hated taking pictures Desire priority over Respect Parasite masquerading as a gift My worst moments locked in memory One-dimensional horror replayed My hands carry the stains still Dropping burdens at your feet Time may heal but memories burn Any transformation eclipsed by infectionsOnly one form can I … Continue reading Two Truths


Grasping free time by anxious hand Stretched and worked into thin strands One by one I attached each line to variable Tethered life with line nonpliable Securing politics, finance, and physics Lashing them to my planet’s orbit Creating a world in my own image Organized and without blemish I made life for my new masterpiecePuppets … Continue reading Time


The light turned to shimmering fractalsChasing invisible streaks through darkness My eyelids sealed closedAnd I freed from realities harness Laid on steel made of arctic ice My lungs burning against tangled wires My arm bored out to sustain Hanging between realities spires Sunlight sheepishly penetrated my eyelids Revealing my state to my frenetic mind My … Continue reading Glimmer