Is your grandmothers crocheted blankets of oppression your desired cloak?
Are you grandfathers Unacknowledged sins the pyre upon which you burn your children’s futures?
Is reconciliation not cheaper than honoring an altar-ed history?
Do the lessons of gilded tombs of pharaohs ring hollow in your ears?
Does the steel that pierced Caesar feel of a warm blanket?
Do the ruins of fallen empires not crumble beneath your footfalls?
Do ancient cities dusty relics in museums not inspire despair in your future?

Is seeing the pain of my countrymen not my most important act of patriotism?
Is restoring the wrongs of my nation not my most sacred duty?
Is reconciliation for past sins not the burden of present generations?
Is not the tragedy of power to fall from great heights while singing your own praises?

Is reconciliation not more desirable than patriotism?
For Patriots cry freedom diving into the chains of kings
Marching and drums are the lullaby’s of tyrants promising freedom
Though we press forward the final notes of empires ring

And silence falls on the ruins of a glimmering city

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