Choose Kindness
Be cloth in a metal world 
Organic in a time of stone building and unbreakable power

Choose Kindness
Soft words drowning out the war cries 
Innocence in an over informed world

Choose Kindness 
for the world in its time will tip the scales back toward cruelty

Kindness is a meteor shower 
Inspiring all with its brilliance 
Its beauty eternal; even as it fades into the dark 

An act of peaceful defiance among would-be kings and tyrants 
Kindness makes humble great empires 
Cast as the main character in the story of hope

 I urge you dear brothers and sisters 

Do not go quietly into apathy
Resist the extinction of your compassion
Rest; Rest the anguish in your heart 
Let your pain turn you unrelentingly kind 

Lest you forget your humanity.  

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