The foundations were built by the hands of the oppressed
Brick by brick laid by the enslaved over bodies of the indigenous
The land razed to dirt to build cityscape skylines
The powerful laid out plans dominance by design

But today the foundations are shaken by the hands of the oppressed
Descendants joined together by bond, immigrant and indigenous
The once powerless crack the foundations their ancestors built
The skylines tremble, crack and shift at unnatural tilt

The powerful cry out and yearn for normalcy
A return to the days of their singular prosperity
The powerful ignore their ancestors iniquity
The evil cornerstones upholding their tranquility

The cities burn under the rage of oppressed’s anger
Carving the cornerstones from the foundations anchors
Guns, rubber bullets, tear gas and armored trucks
Posed at children, families and yet protesters influx

Let the shaking of foundations be the sign
Let the powerless rise from oppression by design
Let all people be truly equal and free
Only then can we be the land of liberty

Black Lives Matter.

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