Excerpt from “Harmony”

Below is section from my poem “Harmony.” If you would like to check out the rest of this poem pick up a copy of The Poet’s Symphony on Amazon or at Barnes and noble’s website (links below). I am one of the 31 artists featured in this anthology. I hope you will check out the book.

“I wish I could play the drums

Sticks in my hand; blisters on my thumbs

That convoluted mechanism of rhythm

Making combinations as light from a prizm

Hearing the tick of a closed high hat keeping time

while I splash in snare and bass drum to find

The familiar back beat

That supports everyone from Coltrane to Backstreet

The sounds underneath every track

That makes your head nod and feet tap

holding down the pace of each tune

Guiding guitar, singer, violin, and bassoon… “

Lulu (paperback):


Barnes & Noble (paperback):


Amazon (paperback):

Amazon (kindle version):

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