A Nest

A bird is nesting in my hanging planter

Spring has begun with new life and center

The bird has claimed this space for a nest

Reminding me to take spring as rest

Time to reflect on the new life growing around me

Birds nesting in trees, flowers blooming to see

Sights that stun my eyes following winter’s cruelty

Warm suns, open skies reminding me of life’s beauty

The seasons and their rhythm teaching is wisdom

Life will always have hardship but flowers rise and hope with then

Kodoyampeh, the creator paints a majestic picture

Speaking to us to be in the present not past or future

All of nature is present in the moment; all we have

A lesson to avoid looking up and down life’s path

Stop and breathe in slowly then exhale

Life may be hard but will again be well

Experience the time you are in with sensitivity

For in an instant if fades to past memory

As the bird builds a nest build your dreams

Because with each season new nests are built

Do not fear starting over with springs new sunbeams

For the nest will be rebuilt and a new flower for each that wilts

Stop and breath in slowly then exhale

Life may be hard but it will again be well.

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