I see my neighbor lying in the street

Homeless jobless his life looks bleak

I see her pain as she picks up the razor

Her depression overwhelming I wish I could save her

Starving people, school lunch debts, no clean water

Oppression, pain, genocide, innocence for slaughter

I see hatred find its way into hearts

Even from the most loving hearts

Turning to substances to feel numb again

To feel my feelings is too overwhelming

Sitting up on higher tax brackets

Secure behind screens of policy packets

Acting like heroes with charity to save you

Their advantage in life from enslaving you

Success should take from my neighbor everything

Instead take what you need from me

I stand a volunteer: tax me

If that is the cost for my neighbor to be free

If 10% of taxes on my income

Can help my neighbor feels hopes sun

Tax my property and my sales

Share them with those society fails

Tax away every bit of me

Until all that remains is humanity

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