To the North

Disclaimer: I do not condine any acts of violence. The term fight is used as a poetic metaphor for indigenous resistance.

To my indigenous relatives in the north

May you resist every officer and horse

May you win your fight against oppression

May it bring true peace to rest in

For now may this poem be medicine

And hopefully bring you blessing

Fight my brothers, sisters, elders, matriarchs, chiefs!

Screaming skoden to our native drum beats

I saw you Shut down the trains and the RCMP

Stand strong against invaders on your territory

Resist the pipeline raising two feathers

Peace and prayer only but reconciliation severed

Stand strong and fight for the earth

Indigenous people standing for natures worth

We shall go on to see the end

Holding out a message to send

Fight them!

Fight them on the snow and ice

Fight them in the train yards with might

Fight them in the forests and on highways

Fight them on the unceded lands and railways

Fight them with hands clenched to the sky

Fight them their money and power denied

Fight for your rights victory at hand

Kill the pipelines save the land!

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