Love isn’t blind

They say that love is blind

But I have come to find

That this is a lie

Love isn’t blind but focused

On the best parts of you

Seeing the beauty that’s voiceless

Not listening to critics choices

I don’t see that small blemish on your cheek

I see your nose crinkle when you smile

I don’t see every flaw your eyes seeks

I see your eyebrow raise in playful style

I look to you and I am enraptured

Eyes fixed to every curve and every word

On a beauty no lens can capture

Freezing ever single nerve

If looks could kill I’d die

Each day I opened my eyes

Curly hair up on a bun and peaceful grin as though you know

I’m looking at you aghast at my blessing

To call you my bride by my side resting

We have a love unique to us and ours

Laying in grass watching shooting stars

Starbucks hot chocolate, a blanket by a lake

Talking on picnic tables until it got way too late

Playing games meant for kids at a McDonald’s booth

Hiding from our friends and the real truth

You and I were made to be

My love is focused on serving you

Listen to you when I don’t have a clue

Holding hands at an overview

When your upset standing by you

My love isn’t blind it’s sees the mistakes

But it holds you through and never breaks

Love can be messy and difficult

It can be joyous, amazing and fruitful

I just know it’s not blind

Just focused on my valentine

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