Speed Limits

Speed limit: 75

Birth, fresh air, learn to breathe

Talk, walk, swim and dive

Rushing through childhood

Leaving blanket forts and legos behind

Fell down a mountain; ride waves with seals

Went on a roll are coaster: caught a fish without rod or reel

Speed limit: 60

Something changing. What happening?

That girls not icky, she’s pretty

I’ve betrayed the little rascals!

Experiment attraction

While trying to understand how to divide fractions

Now I’m taller, clumsy and terrible at basketball

The basketball things isn’t new but puberty is unfair to us all

Speed limit: 45

I asked 5 girls to homecoming

5 no’s I thought I was supposed to thrive

High school is supposed to be the good day

All I have is a social maze

And I have no map and I’m a freshman

I even asked them to go just as friends in my desperation

Okay one more time maybe she will say yes

She did.

You could say I’m a ladies man I guess.

Speed limit: 20

Is this real? I’m graduating?

Real life is coming? Already?

Are you sure this is a good idea?

Yeah I’ll be the best thing to happen to a college dorm since ikea

I can conquer the world nothing can stop me

Just keep an eye on me you’ll see

Speed Limit: 10

Finals. Finals stopped me

They stop me often

Never mind having to work and study

I thought college was fun but It’s left me tearful and bloody

Go to college they said, experience things

What did they mean? $500 textbooks and binders of 3 rings?

Why am I here?

Speed limit: 0

She sat outside the cafe

Smiling, giving me vertigo

Brown eyes, brown curly hair with blond highlights

What’s her name again?

I think it started with an N

The world froze in the moment

This would be a transformational omen

Speed Limit: 200

Life with her is faster than anything before

Like I slammed the gas pedal to the floor

Got married, had a child, bought a house: happiness overflowing

And all I want is some how slow down and take it all in.

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