Enter the kingdom

Enter the kingdom

Find the path to the city of gold

Roam it’s streets see how they glitter

Feel it’s peace as it’s desire takes hold

Take the first steps to owning a competitor

Enter the kingdom

March to the beat of power

Tie up your laces tight

Watch your step as oil is slick

Work hard hustle day and night

When you fall grab those laces

Pull yourself up with determined faces

Hear the prophets of the kingdom speak

As their lies pile up to mountain peaks

To the business man they declare

Forget labor it’s about stockholder share

Take the jobs away from them

To make the bottom line

Even with crooked spines they feel fine

Riding high on DOWs rising line

For wars they require even less

One tool for presidents and congress

If they have what you need

Simply, make them an enemy

Enter the kingdom

Notice how the bear and bull rest

Cycle creates poverty’s distress

Step forward and take off your shoes

Your gold will protect you from everyone’s blues

Clutch to your ignorance and never witness their pain

After all the rich cannot stop the rain

Enter the safe space far from trouble

Money shields from bombshell rubble

Enter the kingdom

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