The Scope and the Box.

I started this blog with a specific intention of writing poetry about my indigenous heritage and my attempts to decolonize: learning my language, culture, and building traditional regalia and I’m not abandoning that goal. I do, however, feel a call to expand my scope. As a poet I am not just Mechoopda. I have layers to who I am and I want to write poetry within that scope. And while I love writing indigenous poetry it occurred to me that anything I create is technically indigenous poetry. I do not have to have limitations or restrictions about what I write. My next poem is going to be related to the anxiety that I and many others often live with day to day.

Over the Christmas holiday, my parents came to town and I asked for a special Christmas present. Part of the regalia I am trying to build requires feathers. A lot of feathers. And I had been storing them in a cardboard box which is not the safest choice. I asked my dad to help me build a wooden box lined with Cedar in which to store my collection. My dad, always up for a challenge and an opportunity to spend time with his son, agreed this would make a great Christmas present to us both. Don’t worry I also bought him some presents.

Working on the box will be a fond and treasured memory between my dad and I for the rest of my life. An unintended consequence of this process was that I fell in love with creating again. I had been writing poetry since I was in middle school. I had just barely self-published a book of poetry in college. About a year later I took down the posting on amazon and packed away my dreams of being a successful poet. (I never sold a copy but I also never told anybody about it or advertised it…you get what you pay for.)

However, this project reminded me that the act of creating is about more than just the final product. It fights depression and eases anxiety. It brings a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction no TV show or internet article can. My people talk of a Creator and as a Christian growing up we learn that God himself was a creator. By engaging in the act of creation we bend closer to the spiritual, to God, and ultimately to hope. I plan to use this blog as a platform to create. I really don’t care if people enjoy it or like it. It is in the act of creation I find the joy. I will write poetry and I will continue to build things with my hands. The final product isn’t my end game, but rather the act of creation.

I hope you find this useful or hopeful or helpful. If not, then go find something that does or create something your own. I hope if nothing else I can inspire you to create.

If you are curious here is the final product:

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