Old Soul

They call me an old soul, old school, traditional

But the reality is I have a red soul

I call the earth my mother, the moon’s my brother

The bear is my spirit.

The ancestors call I hear it

I plead for peace for all nations

Praying that we all have salvation

I pray men’s hearts will seek balance

Instead of economy’s jobs full time to freelance

Greed is the foundation of America’s past

The course unchanged and doom coming fast

“What happened to America?” They will say

“Greed and apathy got in their way”

Upside down flags should fly across the land

Until our corrupt government has a plan

The earth is pleading from its core

Aching from from sky to land, rich to poor.

Belonging is to change our destructive economies

Revitalize with environmental philanthropy

Live on the earth not off it

We don’t own this place we pay rent

Our mother will slide is off her shoulders

Crushing our greed with thundering boulders

Trading our futures for a little paper

Wealth won’t be our savior

Money only solves money problems

Indigenous wisdom is needed from Hong Kong to Harlem.

Let traditional nations lead the way to balance

But pay up front the chiefs only work free lance

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