I pulled down my own walls

Brick by brick I dismantled

My identity stripped to its soles

My soul bare with no hand holds

Life weighing me down like lead shoes

Walking through quick sand

Seeing hope flicker like water on dunes

A mirage far off never in hand



I don’t know who I am…

The sunrise.

Truth rising.

Hope fighting.




My soul finds rest in a new face

De-colonized vision, restructure my faith

Rise from the earth my indigenous mind

Surveying the world with reborn eyes

The sun reminding me of the creator

I can have purpose I can have favor

Eagle feathers bring me protection

Ancient wisdom to put into application

I begin to re-build my identity

Not brick, but wild-lands

Rivers and trees reflecting beauty

Vines and birds nest around my hands

From feet grow deep roots that bind me

Bears and wolves hear my roar

Dancing around the fire, my soul free

My heritage real not unheard lore

My foundation reformed from cities

To wild spaces, my reclamation

Redemption found in my Mechoopda blood

Hope drowns me in a flood.

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