The people ran to the hills and rivers 
To find that mineral more precious than silver
"There's gold on the ground waiting to be found!"
Wealth just lying around.
Can you hear the stampede sound?
the wheels of industry grinding greed into our hearts
putting money over everything. "Grab the ax and mining cart!"

The settlers came laying waste to the landscape
for the gold is chased no matter where its placed
A peaceful people guiding them to their greed
to the gold past hilltops trees and seeds.
Never knowing the speed their greed would feed
Words of wisdom they did not heed
and for it my ancestors did bleed

The colonized man raped the scared earth for resources
Trampled our rights with no ear for our voices
We mourn the destruction of the land
Even as we laid plans time slipped through our hands
like sand, simply because it can
The time has come for the indigenous to take a stand

Even now this same greed lays wastes to the land
The names have changed over time
But costs remain covered with a lie
Oil will burn the future to come
unless we make a change, all not just some
Not just turning away from a lifestyle

Displacing ourselves from greed a millionth mile
And put ourselves on trial
Checking our human created bile
Healing the earth with a smile
Solar panels instead of roofing tile
Producing less and increasing humility
It's time we respected mother earth's vitality
Practicing balance and focusing on life
She's our only mother; let's remove the knife

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