Dreams of my ancestors filling my nights
Towering giants consuming the spot lights
Ancient eyes with a resilient spirit; piercing me
Calls from the past beckoning my people free.
Let my eyes see, let cries of freedom sing
Prayer and peace removes oppressions sting

Can we have our land back from our oppressors?
our treaty never honored, disregarded, no relief from pressures.
Told we aren't a nation or a tribe
Twisting the words of deceptive scribes
Never honored for our place in history
Even now we are sued while seeking to be free

Economic restoration always ended from the outside
the government stepping in to turn Hope's eye
Always ready to stomp on the youth's dreams
Suicide the choice inside the Rez; the youth screams

To the youth I say don't quit
More time and you will find your fit
Soon ships will arrive with your treasures and precious things
Dreams, hopes, family, tradition, and sterling silver rings
You are heard from the Rez and the cries of your mothers
Those colonized indigenous hear the call to return to the others
Our souls are awakened to our past and traditions
The ancestors send out the call to awake the sleeping nations

De-colonize your minds and throw off oppression
remember the ancients and their lessons
Honor the earth and each other most treasured
Throw off greed and let our resistance be measured
March for change as water is life
Take on the earth as a husbands takes a wife
Let the indigenous wisdom take its proper place
To find balance here on earth among scared space
Draw on that paint to your face
And fight for the whole human race
The ancients cries rise from the dirt
Let the nations rise up and speak for the earth.

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