My Florida Star

My Florida star shines ever bright
She feel to the earth like a meteorite
A gift from the universe just for me
To journey, to give children, and conquer mysteries
The best parts of my life with my star by my side
when life is darkest she still shines bright

She has the gaze of a bear loving and gentle
but threaten her loved ones and she is spiteful
She will flash her fangs for all to see
to defend the the helpless and her family

Her beauty reflects our mother the earth
Her soul is deeply rooted like trees in the dirt
Her curves reflect the winding rivers
and her stare like a cold breeze makes me shiver
Her bouncing brown curls dance like fireflies
and one can find hope again within her eyes
Her legs give strength and she walks with purpose
Any sacrifice for her is worth it.

risk taker,
fierce warrior,
and child bearer
if you are vulnerable and broken she is on your side
She will rise with strength my wonder woman bride

My Florida star is my ray of focus like a sun beam
When life overwhelms me. My star points me to my dreams
Reminding me the most precious things in the world
My children and my love with her brown curls

In the quiet moments we whisper,
Together or not at all.

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