Hidden Bear

Unleash the bear spirit
Let my roar be loud and seldom heard
let my strength be known
as with kindness and a powerful word
My colonized soul; clear it.

Give me balance in my time
Hibernation is my rest
let me hear my ancestors
As I see the sunrise crest
Give me ancient roots and a strong spine.

Unleash the bear spirit
Let my claws grow long; my tools
Using my weapons to disrupt the plans of the cruel
Let my claws feel the earth
Yet never raise a hand to strike a foe
The old wisdom speaks let me hear it.

Give me the ancient spirit
The creator of all living things
Let me see the bees
and not life's stings
Let us pray for calm and peaceful weather
Sunny blue skies and a
thousand eagle feathers
My red soul; let me feel it.

Unleash the hidden bear
My indigenous eyes all I see is red
I can see skyscraper tombs over the dead
The mother earth cries out for purity
The nations dream of hope and prosperity
Hidden Bear stands in survey; lost in everywhere.

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