I have created this space with two goals in mind. The first goal is to share my poetry and give myself a creative space. The second is to write about indigenous issues and my journey to de-colonization. I hope you will find my poetry inspiring and writing thought provoking. Thank you for taking the time … Continue reading Welcome


Maybe I really just want attentionBook tours and readings across the nation Adoring fans interpreting my words Applause filled rooms and fans by the herds Simon and Schuster publishing contractsVolumes of acclaimed books with money stacks Maybe even a reading on the tonight show The audience moved to emotion in their rows Academics analyzing my … Continue reading Attention


Labels carry pre-fabricated outlinesArtificially created identity designsMaking humans into plastic moldsTo be judged, valued, and disposed Labels strip away our names Leaving mannequins in our place Labels can be ignored for a time But never banished from our mind I carry each label I’ve heard Wishing to know myself beyond those words What if I … Continue reading Label


There is no vaccine for life No inoculation against its pain  No prevention of broken heart pangs  You can't eliminate grief from humanity  Life creates heart ache, suffering and frailty There is no vaccine for life  But I have found treatment  Here; with you I heal